We practice law with commitment

We provide value to our clients through thoughtful, exceptional and responsive service. We believe in creating budgets and plans and abiding by those agreements with transparency and communication.

We get to know you.

When you first meet with us we will listen to you, review your needs and let you know what to expect from us. We will provide clear information about costs, the time your case will take, and how we would proceed.

Our Billing Methods

No matter which billing method you select we guarantee that we will work with your budget with transparency.

  • Billable Hours

    Time multiplied by billable hours or time costing. This is the traditional way of hiring a lawyer. We encourage you to explore our other billing options.

  • Fixed Fee

    We will quote and stick to a fixed fee for select transactions, litigation or other legal work (no 6-minute increments).

  • Contingency Fee

    In select cases we will work on a contingency fee basis. These cases include probate and trust contest.

  • Periodic Fee

    We can charge you a fixed periodic fee (usually monthly) covering all your legal work or covering identified aspects of the work. The periodic fee is calculated to equate to the average value of the work over a long period and to create budgeting certainty. The periodic fee is reviewed regularly to ensure that it is fair in relation to the volume of work.

Building History

Our office was originally built in the early 1900s, making it one of the oldest surviving buildings in Bloomington. It has actually been around almost as long as the Indiana University men’s basketball team, which played its first season in 1900! The Lettelleir family owned the building until 1938, and brothers Joseph and Antone opened Lettelleir Bros. Bakery there in 1915. Bloomington was very different then; there were less than 10,000 permanent residents and Indiana University’s total enrollment was only 2,400 students. You could even stay at the old Hotel Kirkwood, which was across the street from where the Buskirk Chumley Theater is now, for only $1.50 a night.

The Letteillers eventually moved their bakery, and Roger Curry owned the building from 1938 until 1984. He owned and operated both an insurance firm and a construction company there. Robert Millican, owner of Millican Realty, moved his company into the building in 1988. He stayed until Sterling Real Estate took over in 2009. We renovated the interior to meet the needs of our office, but much of the exterior remains from the original building.

Slotegraaf Niehoff Building

The building underwent major renovations in 1961.